Our Mission

We’re storytellers,  immersive drama producers, and digital artists and we combine our skills to make mobile mixed-reality storyworld experiences. We harness the power of augmented reality, fusing cinematic arts, projection, animation, theatre and games to re-enchant place with story. We develop products which encourage people to care about the things we care about: our environment, our health, our shared culture, using the transformative powers of art, technology and story in our everyday lives and locations..

meet the team

Rosemary Kay - Immersive Storylabs

Dr Rose Kay

Chief Executive/Creative Director

Developer, works with Maya, Adobe aftereffects, Unity
Peter Woodbridge

Pete Woodbridge

Creative Technologist

Michelle Hayman

Dr Rose Kay
Chief Executive / Creative Director

Joy Chiang-Ling
Digital Designer / Developer

Peter Woodbridge
Creative Technologist

Michelle Hayman
FD / Business Strategist

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Who we are
Gayanthri Ganapathy FRSA

Dr Gayathri Ganapathy

UX/UI specialist

Jamie Gregoire

Julian Stopher
Head of Technical Production

Lauren Hira
Creative Producer / Social Media Marketing

Dr Gayathri Ganapathy
UX / UI Specialist


Jay Gregori
Concept Artist and Visual Lead



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