VR/MR Headset Experience
VR or Mixed Reality headsets can allow you to train employees, completely immerse your audience or show customers a deeper experience of your products and services.

Augmented Reality Mobile Storyworlds – Quests
We can lead audiences from one location to another, through the power of story, and compelling characters. We can bring the real world to life and bring  stories to unexpected places. 

Immersive Walls
Using projection mapping, volumetric filming, 3D animation and 360 degree film, we can make the story happen wherever you want it, all around you. Characters come out of the walls, to talk and interact with you.

Volumetric Filming
Working with Dimensions Studio and LIPA film, we are one of the few immersive companies to have recorded live action in volumetric film, allowing live 3D applications.

Mobile Advertising- Out of Home Marketing
Using AR characters which  can be accessed anywhere, marketing stories can be taken to the consumer

Interactive Media
We can  bring depth and richness to print or projected images, bringing a flat piece of art, graphic image or book  to life.

Training and consultation
If you need advice for your next immersive journey, or a way to train staff, we can help – we’re teachers, global speakers, workshop leaders and mentors. 

Using interactive maps, GPS trigger location and AR image pinning, we can take creative digital content to places never explored like this before.

High End Cinema Values
Immersive experiences can have the same high quality of storytelling as high end cinema.

Animation, 3D Modelling and Motion Capture
Bespoke concept art, exquisite animations and 3D modelling can draw audiences into the story, make them care about the issues, move them physically, and move them to action…

Immersive Displays for Events
Raise your event to another level: trade shows, expos, exhibitions, conferences, education are all enhanced by immersive interactive story-based content…

Augmented Reality Portals
With our expertise, you can create worlds within the real world, which audiences can explore on personal devices.