We wanted to create an immersive card for Christmas which raised awareness about lhomelessness. We wanted to use our cutting edge technology to make images, characters and other elements of the story come out of the card to create a ‘wow’ moment for users, and make them engage with the issues more deeply.

We could do this any time of year (and intend that this initiative will continue to have impact throughout the year) but we know Christmas is a time when the problems of homelessness are most acute.

So we felt it was a good time to use our skills to do something which will really create an emotional impact with the people of Manchester, which will stay with them a long time, and which hopefully might create action.

We want to work closely with a/ homeless charities b/ local young people c/ council and other official bodies d/maybe some victims of homelessness.

The concept:
So we want to create a card to give out to people at Christmas events, carol services, Christmas markets etc. On the front of this card will be a heart-warming, welcoming Christmas image. Users can download our app which will allow them to point their phone at the card’s Christmas image. This will trigger an immersive film to come out of the card. The story of this mini, twenty second film will be painful, funny and ultimately heartwarming, in which an AR donkey talks to real live people, and tells her story of being homeless at Christmas (because her stable is full.) On the back the AR donkey
come right out of the card, and appears in the real world in which the user tries the experience, whether it is the street, at home, or in any other space. And this is when the donkey will thank people who have donated to help her find somewhere to live, and give details of where people can go to help.

This is the initial concept, and we would like to work with local partners to refine the message of the story, and to help deliver on some of the creative challenges. We will work with local actors, film makers and local school children in the making of the content.
We envisage that people will enjoy the experience so much and be moved by it, so that they share it on social media, amplifying the message. We would also like to approach local retailers and businesses to get them to buy into the idea – if they are prepared to have a poster, with the trigger images put somewhere near or in their premises, then this will draw users to their premises. It will also amplify the message and draw all areas of Manchester together, businesses, the community and charities, all with the aim of addressing one of the most serious issues facing our city.